I Recently Traveled Down Under To Western Australia…

I recently traveled down under to Western Australia for a holiday and was surely impressed with all that was offered down there, from the places the people, the things to do and even for business surprisingly enough.picture of perth

Not knowing many people, and not knowing how to drive on the other side of the road, it did make it quite difficult to get around from place to place but I surely did not let it stop me from seeing all that was on offer.

With a bit of loose change in my pocket, I opted out for the successfully smart solution of hiring someone to do the driving for me… winning

Thanks to the gentlemen’s kind transport services and luxury vehicle (stretch limousine thank you very much), I was able to really get a great feel for Western Australia and learn a lot about the place.

We stopped in at Perth’s CBD and in the town, taking in all that was offer there, was very surprised with how big it was and saw some of the best tourist spots such as Kings Park.

The place I however kept returning myself too was the coast. The beautiful West Australian coast. It certainly made the holiday, for back home i’m not near the ocean and so it was a beautiful site to see and be a part of.

I’m quite sure that by the end of my holiday, my helpful transport driver just knew that we would be heading to the beach at some point during the day, for I loved its beauty and ridiculously recommend for everyone to check the West Australian Coast out.

I have to say a huge thanks to my driver for his great services. For the time I was in Aus I certainly would not been able to experience it the way I did without him. He offered fantastic service making sure I was always comfortable, enjoying myself and seeing the best of what Perth had to offer. Plus we were rolling in luxury.

Leaving the beach and the friends I made along the way was very sad but none the less an amazing experience I won’t forget and look forward to coming back again someday.

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