My Trip To Visit My Cousin Thousands Of Miles Away

So it was totally awesome because we went on a fun trip this weekend and it was an adventure. I took the adventure of my life to a cousins house thousands of miles away from where I live in Greece.

The flight and accommodations were amazing and we even took one of the most awesome limo that you can ever imagine. I think we are going to remember this for a long time to come.

Everything was so clean and my brother and I discussed that it was one of the best trips we have ever taken. I would recommend this place to any guys and I can absolutely guarantee without a doubt in my head that you will be satisfied with the tasty food and fun that Greece has to offer. They have one of the most amazing experience that you may ever imagine.

The best part of the trip that I went to was a prom party and I took a date that was a friend of my cousins!

We were with all of our friends that we had when we were growing up which was totally awesome! I can remember the driver, the music, the environment, and that’s what I like to call an atmosphere!

I was walking with my gal towards the door into the dance room where the party was going on. Everything came together so nicely that even my cousin said it was one of the best nights of his life which is totally awesome that we got to share it together.

By the way, we went to prom, and everything went good and my date had a great time. We drove to get some food after prom and we stopped at this authentic Greek food spot that she likes. It was a bit too authentic for me if you know what I’m saying!

In the end it was an awesome trip and the prom was the best part of it all! Thanks cousin Ringo for making it such a special trip!

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